Loki sighed, he knew Thor was right, and Thor knew Loki knew he was right. It's sad to see Gaara looking away because he knows how uncomfortable you are crying in front of people. Sensitivity. Loki Marvel Loki Thor Marvel Funny Loki Laufeyson Tom Hiddleston Loki Loki Imagines Avengers Imagines Avengers Memes Tom Holland Peter Parker Read Here ya go from the story GREAT EXCITEMENT by Surprise_hiddleston (Winterfrost) with 253 reads. Not to mention that movie being my favourite from the trilogy because it has so much Loki in it, I could barely see straight. And our pieces fall Right into place Get caught up in the moments Lipstick on your face So it goes…. Imagine a story line where Loki was married to Thor's older brother. sassy-tractor: “ if you’re ever feeling sad just remember that tom hiddleston drew loki and he was so proud of his work that he took a picture of him and the drowing he looks so pleased with. Loki, he was strong, filled with mischief and never sad, only angry at his brother. loki, laufey, cute. Submit imagines or one-shots about Loki in the Ask box. Reblogging is different than stealing them. The Mazurka (Loki Imagine) Hello I have done nothing for three days but write this. IMAGINE : Tony and Pepper have a baby boy. Thankfully, Satou never reaches that point. LOKI X BABY X READER. Show Me (Loki x Reader) Originally posted by enchantedbyhiddles. It was one of those moments when I was scrolling through my Tumblr feed and the story hit me like a ton of bricks. Marvel Funny Marvel Comics Marvel Avengers Loki Funny Marvel Jokes Avengers Memes Loki Laufeyson Loki Sad Loki Thor Read 46 from the story Thorki Imagines by. The Next Step (Loki Laufeyson x Reader) my hair was meant to go red, according to the hair dye box so why the everloving fuck is it black -Jazz Request; Maybe you could do an imagine where Loki wants. so this is my first imagine in this, its an idea/continuation of the preference bellow im not very happy about it but im pretty tired right now and stuff plus its the first imagine i've made so bear with me you guys can make imagine requests as well and stuff, hope you like it!. "Loki," she whispers breathless, "I- I don't know where this is coming from, but I love you too. You are sitting on your bed, reading a bo. Imagine working at SHIELD with Natasha and she teaches you how to do an interrogation. What others are saying Loki imagines - Nursing days - Wattpad Cuz you're dead Read Nursing days from the story Loki imagines by muzieka- (j a d e) with reads. LOKI SMUT AND 108% FLUFF. Head canon-drabble-one shot-imagine requests are OPEN!! My ask box is always open, so if you ever have to talk send me an ask or a message. Loki has just arrived on Sakaar and the Grandmaster introduces his best warrior and daughter – you. Authors Note: This is my first Fanfiction. You end up avoiding him for weeks until you guys are forced to be near each other during a meeting and everything changes. SYNOPSIS: You have been betrothed to Thor since you were born, but throughout the years have fallen deeply for his brother, Loki. loki ragnarok loki imagines loki of asgard loki fanfiction loki loki imagines smut loki laufeyson loki smut loki x reader smut loki's whispers loki fanfic loki (marvel) loki x reader loki army loki and thor loki cosplay loki day loki fandom loki feels loki gifs loki god of mischief loki horns loki is a little shit loki love loki marvel loki. Everything was beautiful, and she loved to see the places where Loki. This is entirely Loki based so if you don't like him, don't read. "You greatly underestimate the amount of power you have over me. <